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Entrevista: Rogério Faé

Muito gratificante conceder entrevista para o Podcast “Crafting Solutions do Conflitct”, criado por Jane Beddall. Jane é uma colega da área e uma…
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Sócio da Une é convidado a integrar o FFI Study Group de NY

Sócio da Une Consultoria, Rogério Faé Rodrigues, é convidado a integrar o FFI Study Group de NY. "A temporada aqui nos USA já…
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Top 200: Never underestimate strength of family firms

  No family firm has ever headed the North East Top 200 in all the table's 35-year existence, and while few of us…
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Webinar: “That’s Not Fair!” – How to Give to Your Children Without Getting in Trouble

                  September 11, 2013 1:00 p.m. EST 60-Minutes Parents everywhere wrestle with decisions about how…
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“Someday This Will Be Yours”

The ability to carry on a successful intergenerational transfer of ownership and leadership is one of the most important and difficult issues facing…
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Nepotism not always bad

Nepotism might have a terrible reputation, but it isn’t always bad for a family business, according to new research. The conceptual study, published in…
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