Families in Business Awards 2013

Family businesses are crucial to the health of Europe’s economy. They contribute more than 50% to the eurozone’s private sector activity and are playing a crucial role in the recovery of many of the hard-pressed economies of the region.

In order to recognise this dynamic and vital sector, CampdenFB, in association with Societe Generale Private Banking, is holding the second annual European Families in Business Awards, after the successful inaugural awards, which were held in Amsterdam last year.

This year the awards will take place in Paris on 11 June – a fitting location to celebrate family businesses, given the city’s location at the heart of Europe and the huge role family businesses play in the French economy and society.

There’s little doubt of the important role family businesses play in Europe. But it is sometimes difficult for a wider audience to appreciate their significance. Yet most of us are increasingly coming to understand that financial wizardry and innovation are not the backbone of a stable economic system. Stability, longevity and sustainability are – and these are precisely the virtues that are found in the best family businesses.

These best family businesses, and their leaders,  are what we are acknowledging and celebrating.


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